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Alex Furman, the co-founder and CEO of Performica, has a diverse background in engineering, biotechnology, and talent operations.


Alex initially made a significant mark by co-founding Invitae, a medical genetic testing company, which peaked at a $10 billion valuation. Alex assumed leadership of the Talent Ops team at Invitae, igniting his passion to revolutionize HR technology in the absence of effective performance management solutions on the market.

Later, under his guidance, Performica introduced the innovative OrgGraph™ technology, offering insights into employee performance and organizational dynamics. Driven by a deep commitment to privacy and data security, influenced by his family's history as Jewish refugees from Russia, Alex embedded these values into Performica's operational philosophy.

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he co-founded Cash for Refugees, a non-profit dedicated to helping those affected by the war, personally providing aid to women and children fleeing the war.

At Performica, Alex's unique combination of technological expertise and compassionate innovation is reshaping performance management and fostering a culture of growth and open communication, setting a new standard in HR technology.

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