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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Alex Furman, Founder and CEO of Performica

In his HR role, Alex found a critical gap in his search for HR technology. “The fundamental underlying structure by which all of the [HR] data is organized [and technology] functionality is organized … isn’t how work was getting done,” shares Alex, “In fast moving innovative companies, [the work] is cross functional … happening in networks not reporting structures.” So, Alex and team built their own tools. Interesting, right?

Alex Furman On Building A $12 Billion Company And Raising Millions To Help Maximize Talent

Alex Furman, the co-founder and CEO of Performica and co-founder of Invitae, has had an intriguing journey from his birthplace in the Soviet Union to leading two successful tech-based ventures and a nonprofit supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Brio360 Value Drivers

From software engineering to HR: Alex Furman shares his journey from CHRO at Invitae to the CEO of Performica. He also delves into fundraising insights and his management philosophy.

Eight Money-Saving Hacks To Help Grow Your Startup

The early days of building your startup are all about trying to grow as leanly as possible, so finding areas where you can cut costs and save a little bit of money is essential to your success.

How To Identify & Keep Your Best People

How do you know your superstars are really your superstars? and when you do, how do you keep them?
It's not always as simple as looking at spreadsheets and/or basing it on personality.
Identifying and retaining your best employees is crucial for the long-term success of your organization.

How to Design a More People-Centered Organization

In today’s world of work, it’s easy to find two very different types of people — self-promoting “squeaky wheels” whose voices are often the loudest, as well as those who quietly deliver without much recognition. Both bring something to the table. Still, leaders often judge an employee’s value based primarily on their visibility. This kind of bias is a critical reason why it’s important to build a people-centered organization.

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